How to make money from your hobbies

Hobbies: idle pastimes or keys to science engagement?

A few representatives from my childhood rock and mineral collection. Photo by Jean Flanagan

Whenever we spend a dollar, we getsomethingin return wholesale beads for it.Sometimes, were buying a service, which means the only value we get in return is whatever the service is worth to us. At other times, we buy consumable things food, electricity, and so on. At other times, though, we spend our money on things for personal enjoyment. We buy books or DVDs or golf clubs. The problem with many of these purchases is that they depreciate rapidly almost the second we buy them.When we pop the wrapper off of a DVD, it loses most of its value.
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Military historian Andy Robertshaw built the trench to experience what Great War soldiers went through, though obviously without what might be considered the crucial element of being shot at and bombed. Creating re-enactments and having sleepovers in the 60ft trench is Robertshaws slightly odd hobby, but then weird hobbies are what some men do best. Here are a few choice examples of both weird hobbies and hobbies that are made to seem weird by the men who practice them. *actual trench not pictured
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Hobbies Examiner

While I certainly picked up some science facts, concepts, and practices through my hobbies, they couldnt have taken the place of my school science classes. However, I did bring added enthusiasm for science to the classroom. I was proud to contribute outside knowledge to the class, and eager to apply what I learned in class to my hobbies. My passion, fueled by hobbies, helped me make the most of school science classes when other students may have disengaged due to sub-optimal curriculum, teaching, or assessments. The possibility that hobbies can influence future involvement in science raises the issue of privilege.
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Weirdest male hobbies

People dressed in World War One French military outfits re-enact trench warfare (© PASCAL ROSSIGNOL/Newscom/RTR)

She earned an Associate of Arts degree in Theater, Media emphasis, from Cerritos Community College where she wrote, directed, and produced several segments of “Campus Outlook”, this link mostly covering sports, while minoring in English. She has two novels published. Margena considers herself a “Jill of all trades,” and a master of a few. She has many interests and loves to learn more about them. You can reach her at .
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